Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Teleportation - Is That Day Coming?

Many believe that the Star Trek Teletransporters are coming. Many advanced physicists, will not deny it and agree that someday it should potentially be possible. Are you interested in discussing "teleportation" theory, which would be accomplished outside of the future hyper-mind's ability to assimilate and stimulate particle spin or ion charge to create or disperse matter?

Many scientists and Science Fiction lovers have such theories and there are some great research papers on this bizarre potential eventuality. Indeed, I have some theories myself, well idea-concept level thoughts on long-distance laser mining, weather control, shared pair quantum entanglement manipulations, energy transfer, canceling out time, created atmospheric eddie flows, etc. all of which are somewhat off-shoots of Teleportation theory.

Are you interested in opening a vortex of worms? I believe that the applications are similar intense and of course thinking of:

1.) JIT logistical flows

2.) AI prediction software in distribution planning

3.) Printing what you need at the other end

4.) Terra-forming a planet with DNA thru time or sending particles thru time

5.) Psyche War

6.) Intelligence Gathering

7.) Accident Prevention

8.) Anti-Terrorist Prevention

Outrageous you say, pure poppycock and utter hokum you think? Well, how about in 150-200 years? Still sounds too far fetched, impossible or even magic? Whoops there is that word again; Magic; indeed all new hyper-innovations in science appear to be magic at first until they become common place.

Just think of the Alexander the Great with a cell phone, bet he would have called it Magic from the Gods. We call it an iPhone and what would he thought of a Fax machine? Well what about a 3D fax machine, anyway you see the point.

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