Monday, August 20, 2007

Your Role in Global Warming

Global heating is an issue that we have got created. It is an issue that we can work to resolve. The harm that is already done is irreversible, but we can do alterations now to protect the earth's ambiance in the future. If we cut down the amount of combustible that we burn, by making alterations to our lifestyle, we can cut down the amount of harm that is done to the atmosphere. Here, you will happen what function you can take in order to cut down the personal effects of planetary heating on our world.

1) The first measure that you can take in order to cut down the consequence of planetary heating is to change all of your visible visible light bulbs from standard bulbs to energy efficient light bulbs. Energy efficient visible light bulbs are generally more than expensive, but they will salvage you a considerable amount of money on your energy costs and will also cut down the amount of nursery gases that are released into the earth's atmosphere.

2) The adjacent measure that you can take to cut down the consequence of planetary heating is to guarantee that you turn things off when you are not using them. This assists to salvage on the amount of electricity that you use. When you salvage on electricity, you salvage money on your powerfulness costs and cut down the amount of combustible that is required to fire to give you electricity. This, in turn, assists to cut down the amount of nursery gases that are released into the atmosphere. You should also guarantee that you turn off H2O when it is not being used to profit the atmosphere.

3) It is of import that you larn to recycle and reuse things when you are able to. You should do certain that you acquire actively involved in a local recycling program. When you recycle, you tin cut down the amount of nursery gases that can add to the planetary heating issue.

4) It is of import that you seek to utilize the air conditioner and warmer in your place less. You should utilize a thermoregulator when one is available to command the use of these items. You should seek to utilize fans more and less air conditioning. This volition aid to cut down the consequence of planetary heating by limiting the amount of nursery gases that are released into the atmosphere.

5) You should seek to promote others to conserve energy. Inform them of the dangers of planetary heating and how nursery gases impact the atmosphere. You should allow them cognize that everyone should throw themselves answerable for the energy that they consume, the amount that they drive, and the things that they make not recycle.

6) You should seek to purchase merchandises that are considered energy efficient. Many contraptions that are available now have got an energy efficiency rating. You should do an attempt to purchase contraptions that usage less electricity in order to cut down the amount of nursery gases that come in the earth's atmosphere.

These are just a few alterations you can do in your mundane life which will lend to lessening the amount of nursery gasses. By all of us working together, we can all have got a positive consequence on reducing the effects of planetary warming.


rgpman said...

I read this article in Newsweek a couple of days ago about major corporations and their plans to derail the efforts to fight global warming. I got pretty bent out of shape.

My anger turned into a desire to do something. This morning I was checking out Google's new "Google base" and came across this article:

The thing I found interesting was not so much the article itself, but the website it was referring to. I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences, with regards to that site, in a way that might move others to action. (BTW: The article in Google base is actually amusing and is worth a read)

I spent my lunch break going through the entire website and, let me just say, these guys seem to have something here. They have a pretty extensive FAQ page that I found very informative.

At first, I thought that it was a joke or maybe even a scam, however, I was persuaded otherwise. In their F.A.Q. page they addressed the fact that there are scam artist that prey on the naive. They actually gave links to the authorities, the FBI and their state's Attorney General's office, to use if participants feel they have been defrauded!

I want it to be understood that I am a skeptic and pretty tight with my financial resources. I am also EXTREMELY environmentally conscious. That being said, I really felt that this might amount to something. Other green skeptics should browse though the F.A.Q. page as well as the rest of the site and see if they come to the same conclusions.

I showed the site to several of my co-workers and they all searched through the site, as well. At last count, myself and about 30 of my co-workers have taken part in their program.

What this organization, the Adopt the Atmosphere Foundation or ATAF, offers is sponsorship or what they call "Adoption" of the Earth's atmosphere. They have divided the atmosphere up into "columns" that are each 400 Kilometers high with a 100 square Kilometer base. People can adopt or sponsor an atmosphere column and become a member of their organization for a nominal, and 100% refundable fee.

There are several graphs on their site that clearly explain what the fee is spent on. About 85% will go towards environmental charities, environmental lobbying, and environmental issue awareness campaigns . The rest is divided up in administrative office expenses.

The thing I thought was so intriguing about ATAF was that they are hoping to eventually register the adoption/sponsorship of the entire atmosphere! I guess they plan to use the registry of adopters as a platform to be heard in the international community.

That's kind of interesting! If the entire atmosphere is divided up and sponsored by environmentally concerned individuals and the concise, detailed records of these designated sponsored columns are kept by an organization in a database registry, the members of that organization would have some real clout.

Even if the only outcome of a massive registry of adopters is a raised level of environmental awareness, than I say, "Good on ya!" to those who've orchestrated such a thing.

FYI: The ATAF website is

sad said...

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