Tuesday, November 13, 2007

American Youth See Entrepreneurship in Their Future

KANSAS CITY, Mo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Plans for the first Global Entrepreneurship Week were unveiled in Greater London
today in a formal proclamation by Carl Schramm, president of the Ewing
Marion Kauffman Foundation, and Gordon Brown, premier curate of the
United Kingdom. Young Americans who are intrigued by entrepreneurship
can fall in their planetary opposite numbers to observe and larn about the many
chances it affords them during this weeklong jubilation set for
November 17-23, 2008. Organizers launched
as the functionary Web land site for the planetary initiative.

The proclamation cooccurs with the release of a Kauffman
Foundation-commissioned Townsend Harris survey, which demoes that immature people
desire to be their ain boss.

Global Entrepreneurship Week will prosecute immature people everywhere to
larn about the possibilities of entrepreneurship. Partners from around
the human race already include more than than 30 nations, such as as Australia,
Brazil, China, France, Mexico, Nigeria, Islamic Republic Of Pakistan and Uganda. Global
Entrepreneurship Week is a combination and enlargement of two successful
initiatives—the introduction of EntrepreneurshipWeek
United States in 2007 and the inspiration behind it, Enterprise Week in the UK,
which was kicked off in 2004 by now-Prime Minister Brown.

"By unleashing the creativeness and thoughts of immature people all over the
world, we can make the successful merchandises and concerns of
tomorrow," stated Prime Curate Brown.

"Young people are involved in entrepreneurial ventures all around the
world, using their creativity, ingenuity, and energy to begin concerns
and work out problems,” said Schramm. “This
enterprising spirit—the core of Global
Entrepreneurship Week—is Associate in Nursing invaluable
resource the human race must tap as we seek to widen the benefits of
economical growing to more than people across the Earth and computer address the complex
challenges facing us all."

Global Entrepreneurship Week/USA

EntrepreneurshipWeek USA, the airplane pilot enterprise led by the Kauffman
Foundation earlier this year, resulted in 1,310 spouse organisations
planning more than 3,700 activities that directly engaged 481,449
participants. The contrivers anticipate to overshadow these Numbers in November
2008 as more than than 350 organisations already have got signed up as Partners
and committed to planning an activity during the Week.

“If you look at today's affiliated world,
chances to do an impact are no longer constrained by yesterday's
barriers—where you dwell or how much experience
you have—it's all about who can take their
thoughts and do them happen,” said Jonathan
Ortmans, president of Global Entrepreneurship Week/USA. “There
are a batch of immature people who don't recognize that yet, and this
enterprise is going to change that in a large way.”

While the Week have expanded to be planetary in scope, activities in the
United States will still transport the same local and national feel as the
2007 airplane pilot event.

“There volition be one or two planetary activities
that people from all states can take portion in,”
added Ortmans. “But astatine its heart, this
enterprise will go on to be driven by our spouses and their
community-based activities throughout the country.”

The enterprise goes on to have the blurb of the nation’s
leading governors on the subject of innovation.

“As Chair of the National Governors
Association in 2006-07, I championed the thought that invention is
indispensable to America’s competitiveness. Global Entrepreneurship Week/USA is a great manner to advance that
innovation,” declared Governor Janet Napolitano
of Arizona.

Napolitano functions as the Co-Lead Governor on Invention for the National
Governors Association along with Governor Jon Hunter of Utah.

“Global Entrepreneurship Week/USA inspires
future concern leadership to encompass creativity, invention and a vivacious
entrepreneurial spirit. One individual’s
innovation could be a society’s solution to a
higher quality of life,” Hunter said. “This
is a critical message to our youth: today's economic system values creativeness
and determination."

Survey Shows Young Person Interest in Entrepreneurship

The Kauffman Foundation released a study today that shows America’s
immature people desire to be their ain boss. The Foundation commissioned
Townsend Harris Interactive to carry on an online study of 2,438 young person ages 8 to
21 about entrepreneurship. It demoes that four in 10 immature people would
wish to begin their ain concern in the future, while another 37 percentage
believe starting their ain concern is a possibility.

Those who desire to have got their ain concern state their top grounds are to
utilize their accomplishments and abilities (92 percent), construct something for their
hereafter (89 percent), be their ain foreman (87 percent), see their thoughts
realized (81 percent) and gain tons of money (85 percent).

In the United States, 63 percentage of respondents in the Townsend Harris study
already believe that, if they work hard, they can be entrepreneurs. Twenty-five percentage of the young person believe that entrepreneurship is a more than
desirable calling chance than other options.

The Kauffman Foundation have respective enterprises geared to piquant immature
people in entrepreneurship, including Global Entrepreneurship Week (),
Hot Shot Business (),
Kauffman Campuses and others outlined on .

For a fact sheet on the study results, visit .

Global Entrepreneurship Week

With the end to animate immature people to encompass innovation, imaginativeness
and creativity, Global Entrepreneurship Week will promote young person to
believe big, to turn their thoughts into reality, and to do their mark. From Nov. 17-23, 2008, billions of immature people around the human race will
fall in a growth motion of enterprisers who seek to bring forth new thoughts
and to seek better ways of doing things. Events are being planned from
tons of states from around the world, but while the Week is planetary
in scope, at its heart, it is a local enterprise that reflects the
customs duty and entrepreneurial civilization of each community. To larn more,
visit the functionary Web land site of Global Entrepreneurship Week at .

Kauffman Foundation

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation of Sunflower State City is a private,
nonpartisan foundation that plant with spouses to progress
entrepreneurship in United States and better the instruction of children and
youth. The Kauffman Foundation was established in the mid-1960s by the
late enterpriser and altruist Ewing Marion Kauffman. Information
about the Kauffman Foundation is available at .

Survey Methodology

Townsend Harris Interactive® fielded a seven-question
study online for the Kauffman Foundation from July 12 to Aug. 2, 2007
along with the inquiries fielded through its YouthPulseSM
online yearly survey, among 2,438 U.S. Eight to 21 twelvemonth olds. The 8- to
17-year-olds' figs for age, sex, race/ethnicity, region, urbanicity,
and peak degree of instruction for their parents were weighted where
necessary to convey them in line with their existent proportionalities in the
population. The 18- to 21-year-olds' figs for age, sex,
race/ethnicity, region, education, and income were weighted where
necessary to convey them in line with their existent proportionalities in the
population. Leaning mark weighting was also used to set for 18-
to 21-year-old respondents’ propensity to be
online. Respondents for these studies were selected from among those who
have got agreed to take part in Townsend Harris Interactive surveys. The information have got
been leaden to reflect the composition of the U.S. 8- to 21-year-old
population. Because the sample is based on those who agreed to be
invited to take part in the Townsend Harris Interactive online research panel,
no estimations of theoretical sampling mistake can be calculated.

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