Saturday, November 3, 2007

Why Your Son Or Daughter Must Do Well On The SAT Essay

According to a study of college admittances military military officers at 374 schools conducted at Kaplan, as much as 58 percentage of colleges will be checking the Saturday essays of appliers for possible authorship degree discrepancies, while 15 percentage will be evaluating the Saturday essay of all applicants.

Timothy Brunold, dean of undergraduate admittances at USC said, "we will definitely take a expression at the Saturday essay if the pupil scored poorly on the authorship subdivision but wrote a superb personal essay."

Lee Stetson, dean of admittances at the University of Keystone State in Philadelphia, states the essay diagnostic test will give admittances officers a better feel for applicants' authorship and verbal accomplishments and their ability to execute under ``constraint.''

Ted Spencer, manager of undergraduate admittances at the University of Wolverine State in Ann Arbor and legal guardian of the College Board stated, "The Saturday essay will be a first draft, written under timed statuses not unlike the on-demand authorship of a college "blue book" exam. It will complement the student's traditional application essay and give us a better, more than than complete apprehension of the student's authorship abilities."

Jerome Type A Lucido Frailty Provost for Registration Management and Director of Undergraduate Admissions of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill said that the Saturday authorship sample "will do the examination a more relevant and utile tool for evaluating pupil performance, for predicting college success, and for stimulating the high school curriculum."

Ben Streetman, Dean of the College of Technology at the University of Lone-Star State at Capital Of Texas said, "This new demand will be a great aid to us in choosing pupils who can win in engineering. One of the most of import accomplishments an applied scientist have is the ability to show his or her thoughts verbally and in writing. Virtually every technology undertaking gets with a written proposal, necessitates interim studies and climaxes in a written summary. Professional success in technology depends not only on the ability to use the techniques of mathematics and scientific discipline to work out problems, but also on the engineer's ability to compose those proposals and studies in a manner that assists others understand the work."

What makes this mean value for your student?

· It intends your pupil might not acquire into the college of her pick if her Saturday essay is of much less quality than her admittances essay.

· It intends that pupils won't be able to gull admittances military officers into thought they have got better accomplishments by hiring person else to compose their essays for them.

. It intends that even if your pupil is majoring in math, scientific discipline or technology she must make well on the Saturday Essay.

· It intends that your pupil might not acquire into the college of his pick if after reading his essay they don't believe he'll make well on college essay exams.

· It intends your pupil must make well on this part of the diagnostic test to maximise her opportunities of getting into many top schools.

How can my pupil make well on the Saturday Essay?

As I define it, doing well on the Saturday Essay affects succeeding in doing two things at once:

1. Writing an essay that volition mark well


2. Writing an essay that volition affect college admittances officers

For your pupil to mark well she necessitates to larn the five features that all high-scoring essays have got in common and develop the accomplishments to set these into her authorship in under 25 proceedings and during the pressure level of diagnostic test day.

Second, your pupil must compose an essay that shows how insightful and intelligent he is so that admittances military military officers are impressed by the quality of the writing.

To larn what it takes to compose a great essay I urge the followers resources:

The Official Usher to the New Saturday published by the College Board and available on their web land land site College Board

This site have respective illustrations of essays graded by College Board graders which can give you a good sense of what it takes to acquire a high score.

Second, I urge the website Rocket Reappraisal which have a computerised programme to assist you class respective essay subjects available there.

Third, I urge my e-book "How to Write Fast and Effectively for the New SAT" which learns the 6 stairway to success on the Saturday Essay, includes tons of schoolroom tested exercisings and many illustrations of existent high scoring essays.

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