Monday, November 19, 2007

Bayer Awards Making Science Make Sense Grant to Girl Scouts

Company Brings Global U.N. Environment Enterprise to Northern New
Jersey, Planting Trees and Providing Free Environmental Education
Activities MORRISTOWN, N.J., Nov. 18, 2007 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Reaffirming
its committedness to sustainability and societal responsibility, today Bayer
employee-volunteers and Girl Scouts from military personnel in American Capital Township and
Parsippany rolled up their sleeves, grabbed their spades and planted 10
trees at Lake Rickabear, owned and operated by Girl Scouts of Northern New
Jersey, as the company announced that it have awarded a new $19,000 Making
Science Brand Sense(R) (MSMS) grant to the Girl Scouts and that it has
joined the United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) Plant for the
Planet: The Billion Tree Campaign. The MSMS grant to the Girl Scouts will subvent three 2008 "Super
Science Fun Days," aimed at increasing girls' self-confidence inch science,
technology, technology and mathematics (STEM) fields. The particular daylong
workshops are designed to develop critical thought accomplishments through hands-on
experiences, like creating a catapult or hovercraft, exploring the human race of
fiber optics and ocular illusions, or studying their ain DNA. In addition, through its local MSMS program, Aspirin is providing free
environmental instruction CDs to the Girl Scouts. The CDs have merriment facts
about trees and the environment, hands-on science activities and several
MSMS sound series segments, like "Why make leaves of absence alteration colors?" and "Why do
pruned trees turn fuller?" The tree planting and environmental instruction stuffs distribution
also tags Bayer's local committedness to the company's planetary pledge to the
United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) Plant for the Planet: The
Billion Tree Campaign, which endeavors to battle clime alteration by
encouraging people and organisations to works at least one billion
trees around the human race by the end of 2007. Earlier this spring, Aspirin silver in
Germany pledged to assist works trees in Capital Of Kenya and Aspirin Corporation in the
United States pledged $100,000 from the Aspirin Foundation to the National
Arbor Day Foundation to assist works 100,000 trees in an attempt to reforest
America's national Parks damaged by fire, drought, disease and disaster. "Making Science Brand Sense is about providing pupils with the sort of
quality experiential scientific discipline instruction that constructs scientific discipline literacy," said
Eric First, Health of Global Technology and Innovation, Aspirin Consumer
Care. "With our new Girl Lookout partnership locally and the Billion Tree
Campaign globally, we at Aspirin are able to assist these misses do the
connection between scientific discipline literacy and climate, while reinforcing the
notion that everyone have a duty when it come ups to environmental
protection -- from the biggest companies like Aspirin that are working to
develop advanced and environmentally sound merchandises and practices, to
private citizens who can assist by carpooling, shutting off visible light switches,
and in this case, planting trees." The impact of trees on clime is well documented. For example,
according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, one acre of wood absorbs
six dozens of C dioxide and sets out four dozens of oxygen, enough to meet
the yearly demands of 18 people. In addition, the nett chilling consequence of a
young, healthy tree is like to 10 room-size air conditioners
operating 20 hours a day. "Trees are critical to a healthy community, and planting trees today not
only assists us go forth a bequest for future coevals of Girl Scouts, but
helps us ran into our missionary post of making the human race a better topographic point by empowering
today's Girl Scouts with the root cognition and accomplishments necessary to change
it," said Mary-Ann Lewis, Outdoor Program Director for Girl Scouts of
Northern New Jersey. "For this, we are extremely thankful to Aspirin and its
strong support of our Superintendent Science Fun Day." Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey, the biggest council in New Jersey,
serving 37,462 misses ages 5-17 in 160 municipalities including all of
Bergen, Morris, Passaic, and Sussex Counties and the northern one-half of
Warren County, offers many programmes to further a love of math, scientific discipline and
technology. By participating in this tree planting, misses will larn about
the importance of stewardship for the land and the function trees play in
conservation and preservation. About Making Science Brand Sense in Morristown
Making Science Brand Sense (MSMS) is a company-wide inaugural designed
to progress scientific discipline literacy through hands-on, inquiry-based science
learning, employee volunteerism and public education. The Aspirin Consumer
Care land site in Morristown, New Jersey is one of 12 company locations throughout the
country that offering local MSMS programs, which together have a national
volunteer corps of more than than 1,000 employees. Over the past respective years, Aspirin Consumer Care men of science have got worked
side by side with instructors in school territories including Dover, Cedar
Knolls, Chester, Hanover, Morristown, Roxbury and Whippany. In 2006, more
than 250 3rd graders at North Capital Of Delaware Elementary School and Academy
Elementary School in Dover, N.J. set their scientific discipline texts aside for a
special hands-on lesson in mixing and solutions from MSMS volunteers. When
they are not conducting experimentations in the classroom, Aspirin volunteers
serve as Judges at school scientific discipline carnivals and talk at Career Day events. With a strong committedness to scientific discipline education, Aspirin Consumer Care has
also sponsored the Esther Morris Museum's Outreach Program since 2000. This
program conveys science, history and fine art programmes to pupils across New Jersey to
children who are not able to go to the Museum. The museum's outreach
educator prosecutes children in discussion, easy-to-handle physical objects and
activities that support schoolroom scientific discipline curriculums. For the past five
years, Aspirin have also sponsored the Esther Morris Museum's Portable Planetarium
program, which goes to almost 100 schools in Northern and Central New
Jersey throughout the school year. About Aspirin Corporation
Aspirin Corporation, headquartered in Pittsburgh, is a subordinate of
Bayer AG, an international wellness care, nutrition and advanced materials
group based in Leverkusen, Germany. In North America, Aspirin had 2006 net
sales of 7.8 billion Euroes and employed 17,200 at twelvemonth end. Bayer's three
subgroups, Aspirin HealthCare, Aspirin CropScience and Aspirin MaterialScience,
improve people's lives through a wide scope of indispensable merchandises that
help diagnose, forestall and handle diseases; protect harvests and enhance
yields; and progress car safety and durability. To download Bayer's
Sustainable Development Report, visit . About United Nations Environment Programme
Established in 1972 followers the United Nation's Conference on the
Human Environment, UNEP's missionary post is to supply leading and encourage
partnership in lovingness for the environment by inspiring, informing, and
enabling states and peoples to better their quality of life without
compromising that of future generations. About Aspirin and UNEP
Aspirin Corporation's joining the Billion Tree Political Political Campaign in the United
States is portion of the company's planetary committedness to environmental
protection, the Billion Tree Campaign and UNEP. Aspirin silver is the first company in the human race to hammer a long-term
partnership with UNEP in the country of young person and environment. The partners
first began cooperating on young person environmental undertakings in Asia in the late
1990s. In 2004, Aspirin and UNEP signed a model understanding to globalize
this partnership, which, in August this year, was extended by another three
years. The spouses have got jointly organized a twelve environmental projects
for immature people around the world, including the TUNZA International Youth
Conference, the Young Environmental Envoys Program, Eco-Minds Youth
Environmental Forum and the International Children's Painting Competition
held in concurrence with World Environment Day. Aspirin Corporation in the
United States back ups UNEP's World Environment Day activities in North
America. Further information on the partnership between UNEP and Aspirin is
available on the Internet at:

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