Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Global Cash Access Enters Agreement with Absa Bank, Ltd., One of Africa's Largest Banks

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Global Cash Access, Inc. (GCA), the planetary gambling industry’s
leading supplier of hard cash entree services, have completed a sponsorship
understanding with Absa Bank, Ltd., 1 of Africa’s
biggest banks. It enables ground-controlled approach to procedure MasterCard and Visa hard cash
progresses within gambling casinos in South Africa, one of the world’s
biggest and fastest-growing gaming markets.

“We’re very happy to
be able to get serving South African gambling casinos –
and to make so by being sponsored by one of the continent’s
biggest banks. This is the optimal manner to come in a gambling marketplace and to
function gambling casinos and their patrons,” said George C. Scott
Dowty, GCA’s senior frailty president in complaint
of international business.

GCA, a subordinate of Global Cash Entree Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: GCA),
stores approximately 1,000 gambling casinos and other gambling places
worldwide with merchandises and services that aid frequenters addition more
convenient entree to hard cash – and enable gambling
operators to better trading operations and better serve, understand, pull
and reserve customers.

Gambling grosses inch South Africa increased nearly 17% in 2006, according
to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers, which gauges that the gambling casino
marketplace there will attain $2.7 billion in gambling gross by 2011.

Said Marius Liebenberg, merchandise manager, Absa Depository Financial Institution Card Merchant
Services, “Absa is excited about forming this
strategical partnership with Global Cash Access. ground-controlled approach have partnered with
leading Banks all over the world, and their proved engineering in the
gambling space will surely profit South Africa's robust gambling industry.”

“South Africa is emerging as one of the world’s
major gambling markets, and it’s Associate in Nursing of import
portion of GCA’s planetary growing strategy. We’re
delighted to now be able to get introducing our services there,”
added Mr. Dowty.

GCA, which have secured the blessing of the biggest of South Africa’s
provincial gambling commissions, will offer gambling casinos and their clients
recognition card hard hard hard cash progresses at the coop and cash progress blessings via GCA’s
patron-activated QuikCash™ terminuses and
kiosks, which supply debit entry card and recognition card cash progress
dealing options. ground-controlled approach will also offer QuikCash Asset Web™
(“QCP”), its
proprietorship Web-based system that assists gambling gambling casinos and staff streamline
minutes and better client service, and the services of Central
Credit, a wholly owned subordinate of ground-controlled approach that supplies the prima
proprietary database of gambling frequenter recognition history and dealing
information designed to assist casinos better their ain credit-making decisions.

About GCA

Global Cash Access, Inc., A wholly owned subordinate of Global Cash
Entree Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: GCA), is the world's prima supplier of
hard cash entree and related to services to the gambling industry. Based in Las
Vegas, ground-controlled approach functions approximately 1,000 gambling casinos and other clients in the
U.S., Canada, Europe, the Caribbean Sea and Asia. With a singular form focusing on
the worldwide gambling gambling casino industry, ground-controlled approach supplies proprietary engineering that
assists responsible frequenters entree hard hard cash via ATM, debit entry card, bank check cashing
and recognition card cash progress minutes for their casino
entertainment. ground-controlled approach also supplies services that heighten gambling casino selling
enterprises and recognition decision-making through its wholly owned
subordinate Central Recognition LLC, a recognition decision-making tool that usages
proprietary recognition agency databases. ground-controlled approach is recognized with numerous
gambling industry awardings for developing engineerings and services that
heighten gambling casino profitableness and client loyalty.

About Absa Group, Ltd.

The Absa Group Limited (Absa), listed on the JSE Limited, is one of
South Africa's biggest fiscal services groupings offering a complete
scope of banking, depository financial institution self-assurance and wealthiness direction merchandises and
services. Absa's concern is conducted primarily in South Africa and on
the Africa continent, where it have equity retentions in Banks in
Mozambique, Angola, United Republic Of Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Absa became a subordinate of
Barclays Depository Financial Institution PLC on July 27, 2005, when Barclays acquired a controlling
interest in the Absa Group. Barclays is an international fiscal services
grouping engaged in retail and commercial banking, recognition card issuing,
investing banking, wealthiness direction and investing direction services.

Forward-Looking Statements

The statements contained in this fourth estate release that are not purely
historical are forward-looking statements within the significance of Section
27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Act
of 1934. Such forward-looking statements include, but are not limited
to, any statement or deduction that the gambling constitutions named in
this fourth estate release will go on to utilize the merchandises or services
described in this fourth estate release. Such forward-looking statements affect
hazards and uncertainnesses that, if realized, could materially impair
Global Cash Entree Holdings, Inc.’s consequences
of operations, business, and fiscal condition. These hazards and
uncertainnesses include, but are not limited to, (a) the expiration of
the understanding described in this fourth estate release, (b) our ability to obtain
blessings of the gambling regulators and alterations in ordinances governing
our concern in South Africa and its provinces, (c) our ability to come in
into understandings with South Africa gambling operators, (d) the enlargement
and growing of the gambling marketplace in South Africa, and (d) the factors
discussed from clip to clip in studies filed by Global Cash Entree
Holdings, Inc. with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The
forward-looking statements contained in this news release are made as of
the day of the month hereof, and Global Cash Entree Holdings, Inc. makes not intend,
and undertakes no duty to update or measure up any of the
forward-looking statements made herein.

For more than information, or to set up a conversation with George C. Scott Dowty,
GCA’s Senior Frailty President of International
Business, delight contact Adria Greenberg, Sommerfield Communications,
Inc., astatine (212)-255-8386 or .


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