Sunday, November 11, 2007

UN's Ban Flies From Antarctic to Amazon to Push Climate Agenda

United Nations Secretary-General Ban
Ki-Moon volition see thaw glaciers and endangered woods as
travels from Antarctic Continent to the Amazon to demo states that they
must take stronger actions to decelerate clime change.

Ban, 63, wings to the southern Chilean metropolis of Punta Arenas
today on his manner to a research alkali in Antarctica, where he'll
meet Chilean and Korean scientists. Ban, the 8th secretary-
general, will be the first to see the ice-encrusted continent
at the underside of the world. Four years later, he'll larn about
Brazil's attempts to decelerate deforestation in the Amazon followers a
visit to the metropolis of Santarem.

Prohibition is stepping up pressure level on states to negociate a
treaty that would put stricter bounds on nursery gas
emissions, including C dioxide. Emissions decreases in an
existing agreement, known as the Kyoto Protocol, are put to
expire in 2012. Negotiators will ran into on the island of Bali,
Indonesia, adjacent calendar month to begin hashing out a new accord.

''The secretary-general is trying to do certain there is a
strong authorization coming out of Bali,'' said Richard Moss, the
director of clime alteration programmes at the World Wildlife Fund in
Washington. ''This is a procedure that have got to have some clear

A failure to hold on tougher targets, United Nations men of science say,
could take to more than powerful and frequent storms, implosion therapy of low-
lying nations, and billions of environmental refugees. During a
Sept. Twenty-Four acme in New House Of York to discourse clime change, Prohibition said
there necessitates to be a ''real breakthrough'' astatine the Bali meeting.

''Galvanizing international action on planetary heating is one
of my chief precedences as secretary-general,'' Prohibition said during a
speech at the United Nations business offices in Santiago De Los Caballeros yesterday.

'Important Challenge'

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, who invited Prohibition to
visit the country's Eduardo Frei Montalva station in Antarctica,
said at the same event that clime alteration is ''one of the most
important challenges facing mankind.''

Countries should take for emanations cuts that would assist keep
the planet's temperature from rising less than 2 degrees
centigrade by 2100, Moss, who works on the United Nations panel that shared
this year's Alfred Nobel Peace Prize with former U.S. Frailty President Al
Gore, said in a telephone set interview.

That end will be harder, he said, if states boost
reliance on coal, which emits more nursery gases per unit of measurement of
energy than option beginnings like natural gas.

The International Energy Agency issued a study Nov. 7
saying that economical growing in People'S Republic Of China and Republic Of India will assist raise
demand for coal by 73 percentage between 2005 and 2030. More than
1,000 coal-fed powerfulness works will be built in the adjacent five years,
mostly in the two countries, according to the U.S. Department of

''Coal development at this gait and scale of measurement is bad,'' said
Moss. ''Even if we cut emanations now, we'll see alterations because
of the way we've already committed ourselves to.''

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